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1959 MERCEDES 220 Series 220S Coupe For Sale

Ad Number: 2513

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Vehicle Information
Price: CALL
Year: 1959
Model: 220 Series 220S Coupe
Engine: 6 Cly
Transmission: 4 Spd
Interior Color: Multi Color
Exterior Color: Multi Color Pearl & Gold
Mileage: 19,862
Location: Brookfield - Wisconsin
Phone: 262-781-3336
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1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S For Sale

1959 Mercedes Benz 220S Formerly Owned by Legendary Sports Figure

The Golden Angel Wing,Formerly Owned By Muhammad Ali... is a uniquely designed 1959 Mercedes Benz, of the 200 series.

For Detail Information About This Vehicle Please Visit………..

Designed in this manner ( as you see it ) 25 years ago, for a member of a prominent royal family.

Highly customized and embellihed, It is a 4 door Sedan, in partially restored condition, and dons more than 270 precious jewels, of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and citrines.

It houses a Mercedes Benz (Gasoline) inline 6 cylinder engine, and a manual 4 speed transmission, which is shifted on the column.

It features the pushbutton (on the dash) ignition switch.


The Golden Angel Wing is a beautiful display

and showpiece, as much as it is an automobile

With so many custom and celebrity autos, television shows, magazines, and tours

in existence today, a person might easily think that this highly customized, 1959

MERCEDES-BENZ 220 was a recent creation. More than a few people are surprised to discover that infact this uniquely designed automobile was actually created (essentially as you see it today) nearly 25 years ago.

This very distinct, and elaborately detailed Mercedes-Benz automobile, titled the

“Golden Angel Wing” was designed in this manner during the early 1980s. It was

opulently decorated in the style of an ornate Arabian palace,as a gift to be given to

a member of a prominent Royal family.

Though the particular details are private, as circumstances would have it, the Royal family member was also an admirer, of three time world heavyweight boxing champion,

Mr. Muhammad Ali, or Muhammad Ali Clay as the champ is more distinguishingly known as.

Ultimately, the Royal family member arranged that the very ornate auto should be given to Mr. Muhammad Ali as a gift.

Mr. Muhammad Ali owned the “Golden Angel Wing” for about 2 years during the mid 1980s, graciously allowing the highly embellished auto be displayed and exhibited,especially for good /humanitarian causes.

although Mr. Ali has had no involvement with the automobile since it left his ownership, his concern and sincere well wishes for humanity continued on, even into his last stated wishes regarding the embellished Mercedes-Benz, that it should be

“ displayed / used in a manner that will benefit mankind .”

Options and Accessories:

• Frequently Asked Questions........

• 1. Did Mr. Ali drive the car?

• Br. Muhammad Ali enjoyed the Golden Angel Wing, and
• would occasionally prefer to be chauffeured.

• 2. Does the car still run?

• Yes it does.

• 3. Did the car look like this when Muhammad Ali owned it?

• Yes,..except for such changes as the mirror, on the exterior of the drivers door,
• (which is a more recent addition to the automobile), the Golden Angel Wing
• looks essentially the same as when Br. Ali owned it.

• 4. Is the gold on the car real?

• The gold on the Golden Angel Wing is a combination of 23kt. yellow
• gold and variegated gold. It was entirely hand laid, and covers the auto’s
• bumpers, front grill, trim, the door handles and knobs on the interior
• and exterior of the auto, too include the accelerator pedal and even
• portions of the auto’s spare tire.

• 5 . Are the jewels on the car real?

• The Golden Angel Wing dons more than 270 genuine, precious rubies,
• diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and citrines, all of which are aesthetically
• set into the auto’s interior and exterior.

• 6. Is the fur in the car real?

• The fur ( which covers much of the auto’s interior ) is all real, and is
• primarily mink.

• 7. Is the writing on the car real or decorative scribbling or what?

• All of the writing/calligraphy and engraving seen on the interior an
• exterior of the auto, is all hand written Arabic, of several authentic styles,
• to include a Royal Turkish style called Tughra, Kufic, etc. .

• 8 & 9. Why this car, and why the name “ Golden Angel Wing ”?
• As I understand it, the artisan took several things into account,
• First of all, the Mer
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