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1955 Pontiac Chieftain Sedan For Sale

Ad Number: 2108

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Vehicle Information
Price: $ 4900.00
Year: 1955
Make: Pontiac
Model: Chieftain Sedan
Engine: 387.7 Cubic Inch.
Transmission: Automatic
Interior Color:
Exterior Color:
Location: Derby - Kansas
Phone: 316-788-2898
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1955 Pontiac Chieftan 870 Deluxe For Sale

History And Condition. This is a very original and complete Pontiac that runs and is driveable under limited conditions. The car has built in the Kansas City Kansas plant and we think has been in Kansas since new.

Body Condition. The body is very straight and solid with limited areas of rust. We think this is the cars original paint finish. Some red finish showing through the blue is probably the original red primer. The quarter panels rocker panels and doors do not have any rust through. Both front fenders have a small rust spot behind the front wheels and rust below the headlights. There is limited rust at both body seams at the deck lid lower corners. Overall, a very solid and relatively rust free body for restoration. Close up photos of these areas are included.

Floor Board Condition. There is a large hole in the drivers side floor board. The floor board behind the driver looks solid. The passenger side floor board has some small holes. The floor board behind the passenger side looks solid. The trunk floor looks solid. Close up photos of these areas are included.

Mechanical Condition. This car was running when it was parked sometime in the late 1990's. We were pleased to find that the cooling system was still full of good antifreeze, the master cylinder was full of brake fluid and the car still had several gallons of gasoline in the tank. The original fuel pump worked but leaks gasoline so we installed a new electric fuel pump and it didn't take much more to get the car running again. The engine is a little difficult to start but seems to run okay and is showing oil pressure in the factory gage. The engine and carburetor most likely need a complete overhaul but there is no bearing or knocking noise so there should be no problem rebuilding this engine which we believe is the orignal. The transmission seems be working Okay but was low on fluid and therefore shifted accordingly. The brakes just barely work and would not be safe to drive but could be used to carefully move the car under very limited conditions. The headlights and brake lights work. The horns worked and are amazingly loud but we disconnected them due to a short in the steering column that honked the horn everytime we turned the steering wheel. The radio lights up and buzzes when turned on but does not have an antenna and probably no speakers. The courtesy lights work. The speedometer does not work. All the window regulators work except the passengers door which seems to be frozen up. The door locks work and we have an original style door key that operates them.

A Complete And Original Car. They "can only be original once" and this seems to be a very complete car that has never been messed with. Its original right down to its original oil bath air cleaner still on the V8 engine. Some of the trim pieces missing from the front of the car are in the trunk as you will notice in the photos.

For more information on this vehicle, please either use the ‘ASK SELLER A QUESTION’ button above, or just call us. We would love to tell you more about this vehicle. Let us know that you saw this vehicle on You are also more than welcome to check out the rest of our up to date inventory by clicking on ‘Pride Autoplaza’ under the main photo.
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